Why I Survived the A-Bomb

Akira Kohchi (Albert Kawachi)


Hardcover book, 230 pages
ISBN: 0939484315 / 978-0939484317
Stock Number: 0935

Hiroshima native Kohchi was a 16-year-old schoolboy when his city was devastated by the first nuclear attack in history. He tells the dramatic, personal story of how he experienced and survived the bombing, and provides a moving account of his search for his family through the burning rubble of the doomed city. Then Kohchi recalls how, years later, he forced himself to come to grips with his past and uncover the facts about the bombing and the history the led up to it. The author's frankness and humane spirit make this a first-hand Japanese account of a war crime that dwarfs almost all others. A unique revisionist classic. Praised by the Japan Times newspaper as a "noteworthy" and "authentic" personal account, and by Book­watch newsletter as a "moving, gripping account." With full color dust jacket, photos and notes.

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