The 'Good War' Myth of World War II, and Why It’s Dangerous (DVD Video)

Mark Weber


DVD Video, 39 minutes
Stock Number: D181

In this closely reasoned and well-referenced lecture, the IHR director dismantles the myth of World War II as a “good war” clash between virtue and evil. A compelling reassessment of “official” history, presented at an IHR meeting in May 2008. Weber critically examines the deceit and hypocrisy of US President Franklin Roosevelt and British premier Winston Churchill.

In 1941, Weber notes, the United States pledged that it was fighting for freedom and self-government for “all peoples.” The emptiness of this solemn pledge is “hardly surprising, given that America’s two most important military allies in the war were Great Britain and the Soviet Union – that is, the world’s foremost imperialist power, and the world’s cruelest tyranny.”

The “Big Three” Allied wartime leaders – US President Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Churchill, and Soviet premier Stalin – “accomplished what they accused the Axis leaders of Germany, Italy and Japan of conspiring to achieve: world domination.”

Presidential deception to justify war did not start with George W. Bush, says the IHR director. “Americans who express admiration for the US role in World War II, and for Franklin Roosevelt’s presidential leadership, have little moral right to complain when presidents follow his example and lead the country into war by breaking the law, subverting the Constitution, and lying to the people.”

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