Perspective on Iran

Paul Foote, Art Olivier and Mark Weber


Audio CD, Two disc set. Total runtime: 148 minutes
Stock Number: C165

Three speakers provide informed and reasoned perspective on Iran and Iranian society, religion in the Middle East, the threat of war against Iran by Israel and the US, Iran’s nuclear program, the impact of the US-organized sanctions campaign against the Islamic Republic, and the prospects for military conflict. Paul Sheldon Foote, a California professor with years of experience in the Middle East, and Art Olivier, a filmmaker and former mayor in southern California, together with historian Mark Weber, address an IHR meeting on March 2, 2013. Dr. Foote, who teaches at California State University, Fullerton, lived for years in Iran and other Middle East countries, and for a time worked at the US embassy in Tehran. His insights on Iran, Islam and the Middle East, and on Iranian culture and attitudes, and his pointed remarks on US policy, reflect an exceptionally knowledgeable understanding of the character and history of the region. Mark Weber reports on a recent six-day stay in Tehran (his second visit to Iran), and speaks about the campaign of economic warfare and threats against Iran by the US and Israel, the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program, and what all this means for Americans.

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