Revisionism, Historical Awareness and Jewish-Zionist Power (DVD Video)

Mark Weber


DVD Video, 62 minutes
Stock Number: D102

A skeptical or “revisionist” view of official history is critically important, especially during times of war and turmoil, says the IHR director in this topical and thought-provoking address to the Sacramento IHR Conference, April 2004. After an introduction by Harvey Taylor, Weber begins his talk by noting that President Bush denounced as “revisionists” those Americans who expressed skepticism of his arguments for war against Iraq.

Weber tells the story of President Harry Truman’s fateful decision in 1948 to recognize the new Zionist state proclaimed in Palestine. In doing so, Truman rejected the stern warnings of his Secretary of State, George C. Marshall, and other high-level US foreign policy experts, who predicted that US backing for Israel would inevitably draw the United States into endless strife in the Middle East. Marshall and others warned that by choosing to support the new Jewish state, Truman was putting partisan political interests ahead of the national interest.

Calling Truman’s decision the “original sin of US Middle East policy,” Weber says that every US president since then has upheld the “special” US –Israel relationship, and for the same reason: corrupt submission to Jewish-Zionist power. This cowardice and corruption has cost American lives and billions of dollars, and has generated worldwide distrust and hated of the United States.

If the US were to hold Israel to the same standards that is has held Iraq and other countries, says Weber, American planes would be bombing Tel Aviv. Exposing and breaking the Jewish-Zionist grip on our political cultural and political life is a task of the most pressing importance, Weber concludes, not only for the sake of simple justice, but for the future of America and humanity.

Also available as an Audio CD.

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