Pearl Harbor: The Story of the Secret War

George Morgenstern


Softcover book. 430 pages
ISBN: 0939484382
Stock Number: 0978

This classic work remains unsurpassed as a one-volume treatment of America 's Day of Infamy. An indispensable introduction to the question of who bears the blame for the Pearl Harbor surprise, and, more important, for America 's entry, through the "back door," into World War II. With detailed source references and index.

In his introduction to this attractive IHR edition, Dr. James Martin writes: "Morgenstern's book is ... still the best about the December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor attack, despite a formidable volume of subsequent writing by many others on the subject."

This book earned praised from such outstanding American historians as Charles Beard, Harry Elmer Barnes and Charles Tansill. Admiral H. E. Yarnell, former Pearl Harbor naval base commandant, wrote: "Mr. Morgenstern is to be congratulated on marshalling the available facts of this tragedy in such a manner as to make it clear to every reader where the responsibility lies."

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